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Video Stories

Acting as a RA7 Representative

Donalda is one of Shane’s representatives in a Section 7 Representation Agreement. This video highlights Donalda’s experience in her role as a representative. Thank you to Community Living BC (CLBC) for funding the production of this video.

Acting as a RA7 Monitor & Alternate Representative

Kim is a monitor and Krista is an alternate representative in their niece’s Section 7 Representation Agreement. This video highlights their experience in supporting their niece to start a new life using the RA7. Thank you to CLBC for funding the production of this video.

Mary’s Story

CTV—a community sponsor of the Community Spirit Awards—made a video about the experience of a senior with dementia and how a Section 7 Representation Agreement improved her quality-of-life.

Written Stories

Mary’s Story

Mary had made an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) a few years ago naming one of her daughters as her attorney. When Mary’s daughter was no longer able to act as her attorney, Mary found herself in a difficult situation. Because of her dementia, Mary was unable to revoke her EPA or make a new one.

Gwen’s Story

Gwen was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Unexpectedly, Gwen developed a rare allergic reaction to the medication prescribed before surgery and went into a deep coma. Her representative, Lori, had to speak for Gwen when she could not.

Sam’s Story

Sam had his medical procedure abruptly cancelled because no one with legal authority was available to consent, and the doctor determined that Sam could not. Sam’s family was unavailable. Sam’s friends and caregivers knew he was in pain and wanted to be sure he was able to get treatment.

Drew’s Story

Drew did not communicate in a traditional way, but he took charge during the signing of his Representation Agreement. Drew’s Representation Agreement ensures he has the assistance to make his own decisions–from people who know him and who he can trust.

Frances’ Story

Frances made one of the first Representation Agreements (RAs) in BC. She had no family and communicated in a non-traditional way. The RA allowed her to be helped by personal supporters–who worked with a larger group as a safety net–ensuring everyone was focused on Frances.

Heather’s Story

Heather Morrison talks about her experience as acting as representative on three Representation Agreements for friends, including her successful experiences using the Representation Agreements at hospitals and emergency departments.

Bob’s Story

Bob had never had a chance to try managing his finances or to learn how to — he was admitted to a facility as a teenager and was later moved to a ward. Bob wanted to move out and get married. A Representation Agreement gave his friends legal authority to help him leave institutional life.

Cathy’s Story

When Cathy’s Dad landed in the hospital due to a fall, doctors and nurses told Cathy that her Mom would be the default decision maker without a Representation Agreement. Unfortunately, it had been a few years since there had been concerns about Mom’s possible dementia.

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