Order a Custom RA7 Form from Nidus for $85.

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How to Order a Custom RA7

  1. There is a non-refundable fee of $85.00 for each person/request.
  2. Once you’ve placed your order, Nidus will send you a link to download PDF request form.
  3. Download the form to your computer and take note of where you saved it.
  4. Open the form by double clicking the file’s icon on your computer.
  5. Fill out all areas of the request form and save the pdf under a new title in order to save the selections and information you typed in.  Choose “Save As” from the “File” menu.
  6. Send your completed request form by email to Nidus at info@nidus.ca.
  7. Allow 5-7 business days after payment to receive the completed Custom RA7All.
  8. We will provide instructions and a coupon code to use for registering the completed RA7All with the Nidus Registry.


Note: You must follow the instructions on the form to make a valid RA7All. You are asked to review the Custom RA7All sent by Nidus to be sure it fits your request. If you find that Nidus made a mistake, we will correct it.

If you indicate on page 2 of the request, that the adult is revoking a previous Agreement that is registered, we will provide procedures and Notice of Revocation form. We will also provide a coupon code to register the Notice of Revocation – this will let you replace the previous registered Agreement so it is not found in a search of the Registry.

Nidus will fill in the adult’s name in the Custom RA7All as provided on the request form. There are no refunds if you make a mistake for the name on the request. Put the full name. There will be room on the Custom RA7All for you to enter the adult’s nickname or common name if needed.

Nidus only enters the adult’s name. You will complete the rest of the Custom RA7All. Instructions are provided.

Nidus is a Latin term for nest: a symbol of safety, support and self-development.

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