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What is the Nidus Registry?

The Nidus Registry is an online registry to securely store important information and documents with 24/7 access in case of a health crisis or other emergency.

What can you register?

You can register:

  1. information and
  2. upload a copy of completed document(s) (optional – can be uploaded later at no extra cost).

You can also securely store small audio or video files. This was created for personal belief statements that some people wanted to make at end-of-life. You can share this with others.

Examples of documents you can upload a copy of:

See Registry FAQs for more

Why register?

The benefits of the Nidus Registry include the ability to locate plans that individuals have made (avoids time and effort rifling through drawers, cupboards, boxes).

The Nidus Registry is also a catalyst for initiating discussions about making legal plans and wishes. The aging of the population makes this a timely issue.

The Nidus Registry has expanded to securely store all types of important information and documents (e.g. medication charts, allergies, insurance policies, prescriptions) that can help access crucial information in a health crisis or other emergency. It is used by institutions like Health Authorities, banks and credit unions, and the B.C. Public Guardian and Trustee. 

The Nidus Registry has evolved due to public demand. It remains on the forefront of innovation as a repository of crucial information and is consistent with the principal of self-determination.

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