Representation Agreements (RAs)

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Representation Agreements (RAs)

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Types of Representation Agreements

Section 7 Representation Agreement

Section 9 Representation Agreement


Role of Representative (PDF)

Resigning as Representative or Alternate (PDF)

Resigning as Monitor (PDF)

More Detail

Lifespan of a Representation Agreement (PDF)

Amendments and RAs made before Sept 1, 2011 (PDF)

Routine Management of Financial Affairs (PDF)

Comparison Chart for Financial and Legal Affairs (PDF)

Use & Tips

Access to Information and RAs (PDF)

Making Changes to RA (PDF)

Confirmation of Substitution Form (PDF)

Revoking a Representation Agreement (PDF)

Documents Made Outside BC

More Languages

個人規劃和代表協議書單張 Chinese translation (PDF)

Está Usted Preparado – Spanish translation (PDF)


Representation Agreement Act (BC)

Representation Agreement Regulation (BC)