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We have prepared a list of key resources to assist professionals and community organizations to educate their clientele and the public about Representation Agreements and other aspects of personal planning.

Values and Beliefs Discussion Guide

The Values and Beliefs Discussion Guide is a booklet you can use to give guidance to your legally authorized supporters.

There is no right or wrong way to answer these questions or use the guide. As one senior suggests:

“Each of my representatives has a copy of my values and beliefs guide. I also have a copy. I review all my legal documents and this guide in January of each year – one of my rituals – to ensure they reflect my current thinking. It also reminds me to keep my family and my representatives aware of any changes and the location of my important documents.”

Planning Circle Exercise

Identifying Your Personal Supporters

Identifying your personal supporters is one of the first steps in personal planning. This planning circle exercise is designed to help you with this step.

This resource includes three examples of ways you can use this tool. For instance you can use this exercise to discuss who you might want to involve in your Representation Agreement and what areas of your life you might want help with.

This tool was developed by Nidus during our project on Representation Agreements and Acquired Brain Injury funded by the Rick Hansen Foundation. Thanks to the Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association who was our partner in this project.

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