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For While You’re Alive

A senior woman and man sit together, happily viewing the Enduring Power of Attorney document on a screen.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Appoint those you trust to make decisions about your financial and legal affairs on your behalf, including in case of incapacity.

A hand with IV tubing attached, On a hospital bed.

Advance Directives

Written instructions about health care – learn why they may not work on their own, and why to consider a Section 9 Representation Agreement.

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Disability Trusts (Inter Vivos)

Do you have a Persons with Disabilities (PWD) designation? What types of trusts might you make, or can others make during their lifetime, with you as beneficiary?

A patient’s hand, with a ring on it, gently holds another hand.

End of Life (+Organ/MAID)

Our experience of end-of-life is changing—in part due to the aging of the population. Read more about the relevant issues here.

Colleagues huddled on the ground, eagerly looking at a laptop in front of one of them.

Personal Planning FAQs

What is “personal planning” anyway? Is it the same thing as “estate planning”?

For After Death

A bearded young lawyer sits behind a desk, with a couple across from him, engaged in a conversation.

Wills and E-Wills

Read about who can make a will in BC, information about remote signing, and more about electronic wills.

lady justice with the sword in her right hand along with a scale in her left, with her eyes blindfolded

Settling an Estate (Probate)

Probate refers to the process by which a will is verified as “real” in BC through the courts. What is involved? What if the estate is very small?

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The path of stepping stones stretches across the grass, disappearing into the distance.

Dying without a Will (Intestacy)

What happens when someone dies without a will? How is the estate divided? Who is responsible for it?

The hands of a woman and a man clasped firmly together as they stand before a stack of moving boxes.

Joint Ownership

Is joint ownership as easy as it sounds? What are some pitfalls you should consider?

Three people sitting around a table, talking and looking at a document in front of them.

Beneficiary Designations

What is a beneficiary designation? What are the benefits and some things to consider?

 A paper with two rollerball pens and ink, accompanied by two potted plants.

Disability Trusts (Testamentary)

A trust can be created upon death in a will; people may create a disability trust for their loved ones with disabilities in their wills.

A diverse group of people joins hands, demonstrating teamwork.

Estate Planning FAQs

What is “estate planning” anyway? How does it differ from “personal planning”?

Why Plan?

Diverse women stand close, focused and interested, looking at information on a mobile device.

Types of Planning Overview

What’s the difference between “Personal Planning” and “Estate Planning”? What are the benefits of planning versus keeping things informal?

The facade of an illuminated courthouse building.

Adult Guardianship and Committeeship

If an adult’s capability is in question, and they do not have legal arrangements—an EPA and/or RA—they are vulnerable to adult guardianship and committeeship.

Letter tiles form the word "healthcare," while a lively plant symbolizes growth nearby.

Advance Care Planning

This is a term you may come across that focuses only on planning about health care, while “Personal Planning” also includes planning for health care but also for personal, legal and financial matters.

Several hands unite, standing together in a gesture of solidarity.

Supported Decision-Making

Learn about how decision-making can be independent, interdependent (supported), and substitute.

A stethoscope lies against a clean backdrop.

Health Care Consent

What happens if you are incapable of consent? How can you choose who will speak on your behalf if you cannot? What happens if you don’t have a plan in place?

The view reveals a balcony on the upper floor of a building, displaying part of the roof and the vast sky.

Facility Admission

What types of care facilities in BC are affected by recent laws about care facility admission? Who can consent on behalf of an adult who is determined to be incapable?

A person's face emerges from a dark background, their hand held up in front of the camera as a clear gesture of "No" or "Stop.”

Preventing Abuse

What are the safeguards in place to prevent abuse? What steps can you take? What resources are there?


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Videos and Stories

Listen to real people’s stories, and watch videos about personal planning and other topics.

A woman with long, straight black hair, and headphones appears concentrated on the screen.


Stay up to date on the latest webinars, and get access to recorded webinars.

Five happy people in a workplace, raising their hands in celebration, shouting "Hooray!"

Handouts and Resources for Professionals

Feel free to share these resources with your clients.

A person’s hands flip through an accordion file folder, searching for something.

Training Resources

Resources to assist community organizations to educate their clients and the public about personal planning.

Against an orange-yellow background, a young woman with long, curly brown hair wears a cheerful smile.

Discussion Tools

Tools to help you identify your personal supporters, and discuss your values and beliefs.


In the focused foreground, a hand gently holds a maple leaf, with an out-of-focus forest in the background.

Planning Documents made outside of BC

Can you use personal planning documents (for health care, financial matters, etc)–that are made out of BC–in BC?

anada's flag proudly waving against a backdrop of a clear blue sky.

Wills made outside of BC

Can a will made outside of BC apply in BC?

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