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Representation Agreement – Related Forms

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Enduring Power of Attorney – Related Forms

  • Notice of Resignation by Attorney/Alternate – If an attorney finds that they are unable or unwilling to act or continue to act, then they can resign. Sometimes an alternate attorney may decide to resign even if they are not yet acting as the attorney. They may believe they are going to be unable or unwilling to act as an attorney. Formally resigning makes things more clear.
  • Notice of Revocation of Enduring Power of Attorney – When an EPA is revoked—the entire EPA is revoked (cancelled). Sometimes the intent is only to end the authority for a specific person. This is done by resignation (see above). If there is another attorney or an alternate attorney who can act, the EPA may stay in effect.
  • Certificate of Extrajurisdictional Solicitor – Section 38 of the BC Power of Attorney Act outlines requirements for a document made outside BC to be recognized as an Enduring Power of Attorney as if made under Parts 2&3 of the Act — this is referred to as “deemed enduring power of attorney.” More details about the legal requirements are set out in section 4 of the Power of Attorney Regulation. In order for a document made outside BC to be recognized in BC as an EPA, the document made outside BC must be accompanied by a completed Certificate of Extrajurisdictional Solicitor.


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