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Access self-help information and resources on personal planning and related topics (e.g. estate planning, adult guardianship and committeeship, and more.)

Self-Help Videos

Access videos with information about personal planning, including experiences and stories of people using representation agreements, and more.

Representation Agreement Forms

Access basic and custom section 7 and 9 Representation Agreement forms.


Attend our live Q&A webinars on personal planning and related topics, view recorded webinars, and more.

Personal Help (Temporary/Time-Limited)

We currently have some funding from Community Living BC (CLBC) to help folks in the community living sector with the RA7. Trained resource people can help by phone. This is not for agencies, staff or professionals. It is for family members or friends who are helping someone with their affairs. Email info@nidus.ca – give us some background on the need and we’ll try to match you up for help.

For others who are not in the community living sector, we have a trained volunteer who helps (with education, Representation Agreements, Nidus Registry) at in-person appointments on Monday afternoons through South Granville Seniors Centre (in Vancouver). You need to book ahead. Email info@nidus.ca with some background and we can give you a phone number to book a free appointment. This is for the public, not professionals.

Problems with using a document?

If you are having trouble using a Representation Agreement or Enduring Power of Attorney – please ensure the document is registered and a copy uploaded in the Nidus Registry. Those named in the document(s) can give Nidus staff permission to view the document(s) and therefore give more specific help.

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